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Ремонт потолка    Потолок на кухне: советы и цены Repair ceiling ceiling in the kitchen : tips and prices

The ceiling in the kitchen : tips and prices

Потолок на кухне The ceiling in the kitchen must meet at least two requirements. It should be moyuschimsya and the moisture, as moisture in the kitchen is usually enhanced, and of soot in frequent cooked completely rescues no ventilation.

Consider a few basic ways that meet these requirements : the advantages and disadvantages, for every taste and purse.

1. Ceiling tiles from styrofoam

Good for the person who requires a quick and cheap repairs. Requires minimum level the ceiling, as well as through its thickness and elasticity excellent hides all the imperfections. Very cheap-13-25 rubles per 1 sq. km. meter. It requires highly skilled professionals. Lack of only one appearance.

A respected designer, by the way, in describing the ceiling tiles may fall's monster.

Seems it, and really, somewhat old-fashioned, in the spirit of 1970s and 1980s. However, for someone that may well be merit rather than weakness.

2. Plastic panels and ceilings gear

The characteristics are similar, and differ only in appearance (but not much) and the price (significantly). Plastic covers and gear ceilings are suspended ceilings, with all the advantages and disadvantages.

Start with dignity : there is absolutely no need of basic training ceiling, it is possible to carry out communication on a drop-down ceiling set point lighting and ventilation.

Another plus-a ceiling mount quickly.

No shortfalls bit, but they are significant : "mixed" at least 7 cm height space, and that space after installation of a ceiling of a kitchen.

3. Gypsum ceiling

This is a kind of drop-ceiling (even for him, the term "podshivnoy ceiling). The basic surface, where it will be fixed, not required. Over it also can be communication, build lighting and ventilation. He, too, "eating up" a few centimeters in height.

Now the differences. Gypsum ceiling finish requires maintenance, a putty and painting.

This, of course, is expensive and requires more time, but in return you get almost perfect flat surface with no joints and seams, and unlike the sliding roof, and plastic sheeting to its absorbent properties. Moreover, the board can be stacked and curved surface for good reason - it is one of the favorite materials interior designers.

4. "Classical" and oshtukaturenny proshpatlevanny ceiling

Ironically, it is one of the most labour-intensive and sophisticated finishing the ceiling. Straighten (perhaps trowel grid and installation), coating, and painting will take time, but in creating quality, it is straight and smooth ceiling, reduces the minimum height walls. For many apartments is the only acceptable solution.

To simplify the task can be okleit ceiling wallpaper under the painting (of course, moisture).

That would avoid time-consuming and costly putty "under painting" and save on the use of reinforcement materials (serpyanka, stekloholst).

5. Slack ceilings

They have all the advantages Ceiling : very fast to install, are spectacular appearance, the base cap does not require any treatment, there may be built of ventilation and lighting. In addition there are many different texture and color slack ceilings.

Disadvantages are reducing the height of the walls (at least 8-10 cm), as well as the inability to change the location of lighting fixtures, as they cut holes in the assembly on your pattern. Furthermore, the damage that is not possible zashpatlevat ceiling and paint damage.

Now some of the cost of repairs to the ceiling.

How much does it cost ceiling

Type Ceiling Price material for m2, incl. Price for the work m2 rub. Total square meters, respectively.
Ceiling tiles from styrofoam 15-25 130 145-155
Plastic (PVC) ceiling panels 180-200 300 480-500
Roof rack 280-300 300 580-600
Gypsum ceiling 200 485 685
"Classic" ceiling / pasted wallpaper under painting 452 570 1022
Trip ceiling 840 Included in the cost of materials 840

The price for the material is highly dependent on the manufacturer, and pay for the work, ranging from professional performer, workloads, their location and other factors (listed in Table price target to Moscow market). Certainly not all types of ceilings and how they finish, as well as the whimsical designers limited building codes and your financial capabilities.

Finally, a few tips-builder in the selection, installation and finishing kitchen ceiling.

If you have an in-house hit "floors and ceiling, despite all your efforts, the plates are cracked, then your choice is suspended ceilings, and if this brand ceiling, the wall of his steklooboyami stekloholstom or simply obligatory.

People who buy apartments in newly built houses, remember that shrinking home can take several years, enterprise and coating the ceiling desirable serpyanku and stekloholst and using plasterboard stekloholsta enough.

Paint kitchen ceiling to be used moyuschuyusya, preferably by reputable manufacturers.

If you make cosmetic repairs ceiling yellowed from tobacco smoke or leak after by neighbours on top, the ceiling must zagruntovat white mat alkyd paint. Otherwise, after the water-colour may cause yellow spots.

If you have ceiling light side, the quality fittings and finishes must be very high because, in light side sits all errors and defects.

The ventilation and electrical installation of a drop-down ceiling to draw attention to the availability of transformers for the point lighting, in the event, of course, if you use a volt lamps. The transformers save not recommend : buy-known brands. Electric if they are located on the outboard ceiling, too, must be available to replace it.

When the height of a ceiling on any outboard want to put noise (rock wool, foam, polyurethane foam), or any other absorbent material. This is a good protection against too amusing neighbours from the top.

If your apartment is located in an old, you do repairs in vintage and want the ceiling was stucco, it is not necessarily expensive to hire professionals for its construction. Selecting simulation of the foam mould (money) and Foam (podorozhe) is simply enormous. Mount such products could any carpentry or painter. Installation is possible not only to the core ceiling, but also the brand : this solution saves a lot of time and money.

If a crack in the ceiling, which is very annoying to you, and you want to eliminate it, keep in mind that fully proshpatlevat and onto the entire ceiling in a room, otherwise it will blow away time and money.

That's all. Now all we need is patience and complete renovation of the kitchen.

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The author of the article : Dmitry Bevz, builder

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